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Melloney Lenk

Melloney Lenk was born & raised in Woodford, Cheshire.

Recently travelling between Woodford and Norway, embracing the different contrasting scenery and creating artwork around these experiences. Completing several commissioned pieces depicting the beautiful Norwegian landscape.

Melloney has been inspired and influenced by Norfolk Landscape and Marine Artist Kenneth Denton. Kenneth’s use of rich colours and attention to detail are mesmerising, drawing you into his paintings and hopes that this is also reflected in her paintings.

Mainly self-taught Melloney has recently enjoyed her first Exhibition at The Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery. Here she displayed twenty vibrant paintings over five weeks, resulting with several commission requests and a many print sales.

Melloney is intrigued and fascinated by the natural beauty of her surroundings and how the world is represented through the eyes of others. Working with both Acrylic and Oil, building translucent layers to create an effect that draws the viewer into the painting. Offering a calm, reflective or exciting experience using secondary colour combinations in her work, from Stylized to Landscapes, Portraits and Seascapes.

She enjoys sharing her visions through her art, recording her experiences through photography and uses these as a stimulus to formulate an initial idea. Melloney says “that it is exciting to start with a blank canvas, although often the final piece can be so different from her initial concept”. She adds that her paintings are often a winding road that never follows a direct route.

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